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Donating Milton Voltage Controlled Sequencer PCBs
This year I decided to part with a set of rev 1.1 Milton VC-Sequencer PCBs and donate them for charity. Hopefully they will gain a lot of additional interest to help raise significant funds for the Drake Music Project!
milton pcbs
1 engine board and 5 bank boards for a great voltage controlled sequencer
Peter Grenader's project started in 2003 based on some experimentation with a 2-channel 8-step hardware sequencer. Expanding the concept of an analogue step-sequencer Milton would not only provide 4 or more banks of 16 steps, but full VC control of direction, using the Buchla 200's sequencer as a functional model.
Read about Milton's features on this archived page.
These are revision 1.1 boards. The engine pcb needs a slight rework which is described in this Yahoo Group post.
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